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I have been painting for 30 years and it's such a joy. I am nearly always here painting away in my little box room. Yes it's perfectly possible to produce good work in a small space providing you can see it from a distance (along the landing). I hope you will  enjoy my work as well.           Judy Hall

2017 - 2018 CV
I was a mature Graphics at Bournemouth
(then a Technical college and now a University )
This design interest has carried over into my paintings.
Also it has engendered a love of type which has
emerged in many of my paintings. Some typefaces
are beautiful.

My acrylics start from quite a random beginning, with perhaps a rough surface of found objects ie muslin, sandpaper,fillers and glues or I may start from rough thumbnail sketches just to draft out an idea and
honing them as I go along

The joy of acrylics is  that it dries quickly so changes
in direction can be made in a spontaneous fashion.
I have exhibited with the Artists 303 for many years
and with other local groups and have had solo and
other group exhibitions.

.Coming Exhibition...Shades of Portland
Mond. 11th Oct. - Sun. 17th OCT.
10 - 5
at the Somarton Art Gallery in Somerton Market Square
TA11 7NB
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